Critical Commentary Paper


FREDERICK DOUGLASS AND WOMAN SUFFRAGE Author(s): S. JAY WALKER Source: The Black Scholar, Vol. 14, No. 5, THE BEST OF THE BLACK SCHOLAR: The Black Woman III (Sept-Oct 1983), pp. 18-25 Published by: Taylor & Francis, Ltd. Stable URL:

In your response essay, you will address in detail your critical examination of some ideas(s) or theme (s) using the class readings/ discussions/video sources to support your points. Select and write about major idea(s) or issues that you found compelling or interesting from the class. What do you find important or thought-provoking about the subject matter you have selected to discuss? What did you learn new? Conclude your paper by indicating additional questions you have that arise from your attempt to compose your response.


.4 pages

. double-spaced, 12point font

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