jihad in America

jihad in America

Investigative journalist Steve Emerson originally documented the existence of jihad in America. Then, Brian Jenkins found 46 publicly recorded attacks or attempted attacks from radicalized individuals between 9/11/2001 and December 2009. More recently, Ryan Mauro and the Clarion Project exposed radical Islamic groups inside America. Do you agree or disagree with these findings? If there is a radical Islamic presence inside America, what should be done about radical ideology and by whom? Prior to preparing your answer, you may want to watch “The Third Jihad” linked in the Learn section of this module.

. For each thread, students must support their assertions with at least 2 scholarly citations in current APA format. Each reply must incorporate at least 1 scholarly citation in current APA format. Any sources cited must have been published within the last five years. Acceptable sources include the textbook, the Bible, and electronic sources (excluding Wikipedia).

you will post one thread of at least 400 words

Ministry/Non-Profit Plan Draft powerpoint

Ministry/Non-Profit Plan Draft


The following instructions are for both undergraduate and graduate students.

Prepare a draft of your Ministry/Non-profit Plan for your project in accordance with the guidelines provided in the Ministry/Non-profit Plan Outline or Mind Map.  Even though some details may still require further development, prepare an 8-slide PowerPoint presentation containing a separate slide for each of the following components of the plan; vision statement, justification for the project, an annual objective, three strategies for the objective, an example of quarterly SMART goals for one strategy, staff and resource needs, implementation timeline, and evaluation plan (WO 18).


a single incident command and a unified command

a single incident command and a unified command

1. Explain the difference between a single incident command and a unified command.
2. Research the internet and find an article, video, or webpage detailing an emergency incident that has occurred in the U. S. in the last 10 years and that used a unified command.
3.  Post the link to the article, video, or webpage.
4.  Was the command structure effective for this incident?  If yes, describe why.  If no, what could have been done better?

communication accommodation theory

communication accommodation theory

performance evaluation powerpoint

performance evaluation

Imagine you work as an HR professional for the company you selected in the first assignment in Week 3. The company has been having issues with their current performance evaluation process. Some of the issues include the data collection process, proper documentation, and making appropriate decisions on employee performance. Your manager has asked you to evaluate and update their current performance evaluation process and present it as a training module to a group of new supervisors in your organization. Apply the revised or improved evaluation process to the specific job you created in the Week 3 assignment. Note that your manager has asked you to present the new process in the form of a PowerPoint presentation.


Based on what you know about performance evaluations, use the Internet to research and select a performance evaluation tool that you believe is best suited for your company. Create a PowerPoint presentation with speaker’s notes to present this new tool to new supervisors.

Create a PowerPoint presentation to present this new tool to new supervisors. Include the following points:
Explain the benefits of using performance evaluations.
Assess the existing performance evaluation used in the organization.
Create a sample of the performance evaluation tool selected for the company.
Justify the selection of the performance evaluation tool.
Develop a detailed, step-by-step description of the evaluation process.
The PowerPoint presentation should be a minimum of 10 slides with corresponding speaker’s notes, in addition to a title slide and references slide. Include graphics as needed to improve, enhance, or clarify the content.

epidemiological methodology

Epidemiological methodology


Instructions: Please show all calculations. Your submission should be in a single PDF file.

  1. In an epidemic, an exposure source can be described as common exposure, point exposure, propagated exposure, or mixed exposure.
  2. Which source of exposure is described by the epidemic curve below, and why? (4pts)


  1. Give an example of the exposure source in the figure above. (2Pts)
    c. Outline four (4) useful information that can be derived from epidemic

curves. (4Pts)

  1. Consider the epidemic curve from an outbreak of Ebola (below). If the average incubation period for Ebola is 9 days (minimum of 2 days and

maximum of 21 days), determine the most likely period of exposure. (10Pts)


Ebola Cases by Date of Onset, Spring City, November 2015

  1. Discuss, with examples, the following terms as applied to screening tests: (10Pts)
    • Sensitivity
    • Specificity
    • Positive Predictive Value
    • Negative Predictive Value
  2. Tonometer, a screening test for glaucoma, measures intraocular pressure. Some people with glaucoma have intraocular pressures as low as 22 millimeters of mercury (mm Hg), while other people can have intraocular pressures as high as 27 mm Hg. Discuss the effect on sensitivity, specificity, false positive rate, and false negative rate, if ……
  • Diagnostic cut-point is set at 22 millimeters of mercury. (4Pts)
  • Diagnostic cut-point is set at 27 millimeters of mercury. (4Pts)
  • What should be the preferred diagnostic cut point, and why? (2Pts)
  1. Compare and contrast the following study designs in epidemiological methodology. (10Pts)
    • Cross-Sectionaldesign
    • Case-Control study design
    • Prospective Cohort study design
  2. (i) Discuss the importance of age-adjustment in epidemiology. (5Pts) (ii) Distinguish between direct and indirect age-adjustment. (5Pts)
  3. (i) Discuss, with examples, four (4) characteristics of diseases appropriate for screening. (4Pts)
    (ii) Discuss, with examples, six (6) characteristics of screening tests (4pts) (iii) Discuss the importance of disease prevalence in planning screening programs (2Pts)
  4. (i) What is confounding and why is it an important consideration in epidemiological studies? (6Pts)

(ii) Discuss four (4) approaches to control for confounding. (4Pts)

  1. Discuss, with examples, the following terms in the Hill’s Criteria for assessing causality. (10Pts)
  2. StrengthofAssociation b. Biological Plausibility c. Temporality
    d. Biological Gradient
  3. Consistency

10.Discuss the relationship between sample size and confidence interval, and their association with precision of epidemiological studies. (10Pts)

11.a. Define Vaccine Efficacy. (2Pts)
b. Calculate and interpret the vaccine efficacy of a new COVID-19


vaccine presented in the table below: (8Pts)


12.The table below presents results of a study investigating tobacco use and risk of hypertension:


Calculate and interpret the following: (10Pts)

  • Relative Risk (RR)
  • Attributable Risk (AR)
  • Attributable Fraction (AR %)
  • Population Attributable Risk (PAR %)

13.Hepatitis B virus (HBV) is suspected in many prison inmates. Only one screening test for HBV is available, and it is 88% sensitive, and 76% specific. If 1,000 prison inmates were screened using such a test, and the true prevalence of HBV infection in that population was 25%, calculate and interpret the following: (10Pts)

  1. Positive predictive value (PV+) b. Negative predictive value (PV-)

14.In a field study to investigate the effect of Alcohol consumption on hypertension, cases and controls were matched and data collected in pairs as shown in the table below: (10Pts)



Complete the follow table:


  • Calculate and interpret the Odds Ratio
  • Compute and interpret the 95% Confidence interval
  • Is the association between alcohol consumption and hypertension
    statistically significant? Explain.

15.Consider a hypothetical study in which an investigator enrolled 2600 subjects to compare subjects who had diabetes in the past year to subjects who have not had diabetes within the past year for history of alcohol consumption. (10Pts)

  • What type of study design is the investigator using?
  • Assume the following results: 2600 subjects were enrolled in the study. Of
    these subjects 220 who had diabetes also had a history of alcohol use. 60 subjects had diabetes but did not have a history of alcohol use. A total of 1080 subjects in the study had no history of alcohol use. Calculate the risk of having diabetes for subjects with a history of alcohol use compared with subjects without a history of alcohol use. [In other words, calculate either the odds ratio or relative risk, whichever is more appropriate, and interpret your result].
  • Calculate and interpret the 95% Confidence Interval for the risk estimate calculated above.
  • Is the risk estimate calculated above statistically significant? Explain.


Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook

Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook


Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook are undoubtedly dominating the world of online social networking, and the willingness of many users to self-disclose personal information ranging from moods to religious affiliation, relationship status, and personal contact information has led to an increase in privacy concerns. They offer convenient opportunities to stay in touch with friends, family, and coworkers, but are people using them responsibly? Some argue that there are fundamental differences between today’s digital natives, whose private and public selves are intertwined through these technologies, and older generations (Kornblum, 2007).

Even though some colleges are offering seminars on managing privacy online, we still hear stories of self-disclosure gone wrong, such as the football player from the University of Texas who was kicked off the team in 2008 for posting racist comments about Barrack Obama after he was elected the President. However, social media experts say cases like this are rare and that most students are aware of who can see what they are posting and the potential consequences (Nealy, 2009). The issue of privacy management on Instagram and Twitter is affecting many relationships including family, friends, and schoolmates, and work colleagues.


For this assignment, address the following using the headings given. Write a paragraph response for each question.

  • Online Management
    • How do you manage your privacy and self-disclosures online?
    • Do you think it is ethical for school officials or potential employers to make admission or hiring decisions based on what they can learn about you online? Why or why not?
  • PowerPoint Process
    • What was helpful to you during the process of organizing the PowerPoint presentation?
    • What did you find constructive in the process of designing the PowerPoint slides?
    • What was instructive regarding the process of taking your notes and turning them into a lesson you taught to the class using the PowerPoint?

Writing Requirements (APA format)

  • Length: 1.5-2 pages
  • 1-inch margins
  • Double spaced
  • 12-point Times New Roman font
  • Title page
  • References page

applicant tracking systems

Applicant tracking systems

Employers typically utilize applicant tracking systems (ATSs) to filter resumes and eliminate job seekers. To avoid being eliminated from the applicant pool, you need a resume that stands out from others and passes ATS scrutiny.

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MyPerfectResume is an intuitive resume builder tool, helping you craft a professional-looking resume in minutes.

The process begins by selecting a template suitable for your industry and providing information on your work history. It then guides you through each section with suggestions for improvement along the way.

MyPerfectResume is an ideal option for those who struggle with writing their resume. It provides helpful tips at each stage to make it simpler, as well as pre-written examples tailored specifically to your job title.


Canva is an online design platform that lets you craft customized resumes, business cards, flyers, infographics and posters with ease. It’s free to use and provides a wide range of templates for different projects.

Templates can also be beneficial when creating presentations for work or university courses. With ease, you can modify the color, font and other elements of a template to meet your requirements.

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Canva makes it simple to create infographics and banners for social media. It offers templates with numbered points and other themes to help visualize data in an appealing visual manner.


Indeed is a widely-used job board with millions of monthly visitors. It’s free to use and provides invaluable resources for employers and job seekers alike.

This site features a straightforward registration process, user-friendly job boards and the option for candidates to take optional assessments in order to enhance their profile.

It provides company reviews and salary guides for both employers and job seekers alike.

If you want to make your resume look more polished, the Indeed resume builder is one of the easiest and most intuitive CV makers available. However, it lacks some features other top-rated resume builders offer.

CV Engineer

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You may hire a professional resume writer to optimize your document so it passes through applicant tracking systems commonly used by employers. Moreover, having someone proofread your resume ensures its free from errors.

A great resume showcases your experience and skills, showing how you can solve a company’s issues. Additionally, it must sell you enough that the recruiter will want to call you for an interview.

Resume Builder App

If you need to revamp your resume at no cost, the Resume Builder App is an ideal option. It provides various templates to choose from and a real-time preview so it’s easier to visualize how it will appear once submitted.

Create a cover letter to go along with your resume. There’s also an integrated job search feature and tips for perfecting your writing skills.

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mathematical representations of input-output situations

mathematical representations of input-output situations

Initial Post Instructions

In the real world, functions are mathematical representations of input-output situations. A vending machine is one such example. The input is the money combined with the selected button. The output is the product.

Here is another example: The formula for converting a temperature from Fahrenheit to Celsius is a function expressed as:

C = (5/9)*(F – 32), where F is the Fahrenheit temperature and C is the Celsius temperature.

If it is 77 degrees Fahrenheit in Phoenix Arizona, then what is the equivalent temperature on the Celsius thermometer?

Our input is 77.

C = (5/9)*(77 – 32)

C = (5/9)*(45)

C = 25

The equivalent temperature is 25 degrees Celsius.

To complete the Discussion activity, please do the following:

Choose your own function or choose from the list below and then provide a unique example of a function and evaluate the function for a specific input (like the example above).

Arm length is a function of height.

The circumference of a circle is a function of diameter.

The height of a tree is a function of its age.

The length of person’s shadow on the ground is a function of his or her height.

Weekly salary is a function of the hourly pay rate and the number of hours worked.

Compound interest is a function of initial investment, interest rate, and time.

Supply and demand: As price goes up, demand goes down.