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jihad in America

jihad in America Investigative journalist Steve Emerson originally documented the existence of jihad in America. Then, Brian Jenkins found 46 publicly recorded attacks or attempted attacks from radicalized individuals between 9/11/2001 and December 2009. More recently, Ryan Mauro and the Clarion Project exposed radical Islamic groups inside America. Do you agree or disagree with these […]

Ministry/Non-Profit Plan Draft powerpoint

Ministry/Non-Profit Plan Draft Instructions The following instructions are for both undergraduate and graduate students. Prepare a draft of your Ministry/Non-profit Plan for your project in accordance with the guidelines provided in the Ministry/Non-profit Plan Outline or Mind Map.  Even though some details may still require further development, prepare an 8-slide PowerPoint presentation containing a separate slide for each of […]

a single incident command and a unified command

a single incident command and a unified command 1. Explain the difference between a single incident command and a unified command. 2. Research the internet and find an article, video, or webpage detailing an emergency incident that has occurred in the U. S. in the last 10 years and that used a unified command. 3. […]

communication accommodation theory

communication accommodation theory Give an example of how you have used the communication accommodation theory in an intercultural interaction. Did you use convergence, maintenance, or divergence? Why? Would you change anything about the interaction considering your knowledge of this theory

performance evaluation powerpoint

performance evaluation Scenario Imagine you work as an HR professional for the company you selected in the first assignment in Week 3. The company has been having issues with their current performance evaluation process. Some of the issues include the data collection process, proper documentation, and making appropriate decisions on employee performance. Your manager has […]

epidemiological methodology

Epidemiological methodology   Instructions: Please show all calculations. Your submission should be in a single PDF file. In an epidemic, an exposure source can be described as common exposure, point exposure, propagated exposure, or mixed exposure. Which source of exposure is described by the epidemic curve below, and why? (4pts)   Give an example of […]

Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook

Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook Introduction Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook are undoubtedly dominating the world of online social networking, and the willingness of many users to self-disclose personal information ranging from moods to religious affiliation, relationship status, and personal contact information has led to an increase in privacy concerns. They offer convenient opportunities to stay in […]

applicant tracking systems

Applicant tracking systems Employers typically utilize applicant tracking systems (ATSs) to filter resumes and eliminate job seekers. To avoid being eliminated from the applicant pool, you need a resume that stands out from others and passes ATS scrutiny. Our free https://skillhub.com/resume-checker can help you detect and correct 30 common resume errors, such as formatting, phrasing and spelling […]

mathematical representations of input-output situations

mathematical representations of input-output situations Initial Post Instructions In the real world, functions are mathematical representations of input-output situations. A vending machine is one such example. The input is the money combined with the selected button. The output is the product. Here is another example: The formula for converting a temperature from Fahrenheit to Celsius […]

Ethics and Discretion in Criminal Justice/Judge Stacie Hunter

Ethics and Discretion in Criminal Justice/Judge Stacie Hunter Points: 100 Overview: When we look at decision makers in violations of ethical behavior in the criminal justice system to include law enforcement, corrections and the courts, what can result if the watchers are violating what they are supposed to be preventing? Instructions: Review the videos and […]