analyzing your day using technology tools

Critically analyze your day using technology tools to assist


  • Critically analyze your day using technology tools to assist.


  • GREETING: Include a welcome that greets Team Bonner and your fellow classmates (For example: Hello Everyone!).
  • PARAGRAPH 1: Do you have time for self-care in your day?

    1. Choose three tasks (home, work, and/or school) – Describe your tasks and how you prioritize those tasks (urgency, importance, difficulty).
    2. Create a sample time blocking with your daily tasks using a technology tool to assist you – Which technology tool did you use (Google Calendar, Outlook, or other)?
    3. Why did you choose the above tool for time blocking?
    4. In your time blocks include at least 20 minutes for the day for yourself to rest your mind through meditation, exercise, daydreaming, listening to music, etc. You can block off the time incrementally throughout the day or all at once in one 20-minute chunk. What self-care task(s) did you choose for the day and how did you block your time (incrementally or all at once)?
    5. How difficult was time blocking self-care?
    6. How much spare time do you have left?
  • PARAGRAPH 2: Do you have time for an unexpected event in your day?

    1. Describe a scenario where an unexpected event has upset your day. What was the event and how did it upset your day?
    2. Do you have enough time to take on unexpected events while maintaining your home, work, school, and self-care priorities?
    3. What is another technology tool (different tool than the one you used in paragraph 1) you can try to help you with prioritizing and managing your day? Why did you select this technology tool?
    4. Considering this exercise, do you think technology tools are useful in prioritizing and organizing your day?
    5. Will you continue to use time blocking with a technology tool in the future? Why or why not?
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