Ethics Of Testing On Vulnerable Populations

Ethics Of Testing On Vulnerable Populations

In this discussion, we will explore the ethics of testing on vulnerable populations. After reviewing the required resources, answer the questions below.

1.What are some examples of vulnerable populations in cognitive psychology? What makes them vulnerable?

2.What is an example of a precaution that psychological scientists can use when testing or applying a new protocol or technology that might help a vulnerable population?

3.Between the need to help people with cognitive impairments and the need to patiently accumulate reliable data, where should we draw the line?

4.What are the dangers of unsupported claims by researchers and the media in products sold as “helping your memory” or “enhancing your attention”?

5.How does the concept of testing on vulnerable populations apply to at least one of the following programmatic course themes?

Your initial post should be a minimum of 200 words.

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