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Electronic Health Records Pitch


Please answer each question and include a speaker note.
Assume that you are a health care administrator who oversees a small conglomerate of local clinics. After the recent acquisition of a physical therapy clinic, it was brought to the attention of key stakeholders that the clinics were all operating with different electronic health records software, which was affecting interoperability between clinics. In an effort to streamline communication and improve efficiency, the CEO has asked you to look up some options for a new EHR software to implement across all of your health network’s clinics. Research the different types of electronic health records software on the market and choose the top three that would prove most beneficial to your health network and include robust speaker notes with each question, and present your findings to the CEO and other key stakeholders. Identify all three EHR software options you have selected for consideration, and include the following in your presentation:
1. System requirements and compatible interfaces for each
2. The cost of implementation
3. Timeline for integration and user training
4. Privacy and security options, including patient accessibility to records
5. Capabilities of what each software system will enable clinics to do that they were previously unable to accomplish
6. How each system would facilitate efficient communication and increase interoperability between clinics
7. Pros and cons of each software system in relation to the other options you have selected
8. Recommendation for which option you believe the network should adopt and why .
Cite all sources used and include them on a reference slide, not included in the slide length requirement.
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